While yoga is considered therapeutic not all situations lead you to the benefits you seek. It's not so much that they are different, but rather, what is the client or student seeking out. A yoga class teaches you about yoga - you can leave feeling better - more relaxed, stronger, greater balance, etc; however, not every class is ideal for every one or every body. Perhaps you prefer learning at a different pace.

As one of the original mind body therapies, the whole person on all levels of being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual is at the center. Sessions are designed to meet your current goals and to help optimize your pursuits with strength, balance and ease. 

Though breath centered practices grounded in yoga, you will have an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your daily experience. From here you will learn postures (asana) and sequences of postures supported by your breath and awareness that can support you throughout your day, your life wherever it may take you.

Tools and practices will be offered and reinforced to support rest and relaxation in your everyday life. With pain-free movement, strength can be gained and maintained, both through your yoga practice and your other favorite activities.

People just like you have learned how to help themselves...

  • sleep better
  • reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications
  • reduce or eliminate the effects of stress in their lives
  • transition after surgeries to balanced and functional movement
  • deepen an existing Yoga practice
  • communicate in more meaningful ways
  • enjoy their day

Professional referrals come from a variety of health professionals, including acupuncturists, primary care physicians,  naturopathic physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, psychologists, and massage therapists. Follow link to read references from referring professionals.