The pain is real. The frustrations, the exhaustion, the going around in circles is real for those who have or currently are experiencing chronic pain. Through your own experience you have likely learned that there is rarely one thing that works for everyone and rarely one thing that works all day, or even again next week. Each of us is unique and that plays greatly into our experience.

Many people I have seen and helped are several years post surgery or other interventions. They have been ‘cleared’ to resume their ‘normal’ life activities, yet are still experiencing pain that inhibits their participation in life’s activities (personal care, household chores, work, exercise, & play).

How does it work?
Yoga is a collection of practices and approaches, sometimes referenced as lifestyle practices. Included in these practices are movement, breathing, meditation (including mindfulness),  self care, nourishment, rest, how we relate to ourselves, others and the greater world.

Sometimes I describe yoga as more how you do something than what you do. Yoga isn’t simply following the pictures in a book or a video – although they can be used as a compliment to your learning. For example, with movement (postural or asana practices), it is through a gentle, yet purposeful integration of your attention(mindfulness) with your breath and greater movements – how you dial it in.

Simply stated, my intention is to work as part of your team by assisting in you learning how to:

1. calm your nervous system
2. improve balance
3. learn how to move in ways that can reduce (or at minimum not increase pain)
4. build stability, strength, and stamina
5. enjoy your day more!

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