I have built a therapeutic yoga practice through working with clients referred by health care and wellness providers to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, improve focus and provide opportunities to create and reinforce new neurological pathways. It is a great pleasure to collaborate with practitioners like you who are working with patients to reach their goals and improve the quality of their life.
Marina Zaleski

Marina Zaleski has provided therapeutic yoga services one on one with many of my patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disturbance. She is a valuable member of my informal treatment team leading patients to higher function and quality of life. Her sense of humor and patience make her an excellent teacher.
Valerie Chyle, APRN

I think of therapeutic yoga with Marina when I have a patient with pain who will benefit from a technically informed assessment leading to an evolving plan of care they can engage at home. Marina meets folks where they are in physical conditioning and mental readiness. With gentle precision, she leads her clients through uniquely personalized routines of breath and movement to reach functional ease. She imparts life-long skills that inevitably reach beyond simple physical comfort, adding to quality of life at multiple levels.
Nan Dunne Byington, ND, Natura Health and Wellness

I have had the pleasure of knowing Marina as friend and client for many years. I have enjoyed her excitement about yoga, and specifically yoga as a healing modality. She has worked diligently to improve her knowledge and skills and uses them well. Her dedication to the veterans’ pain is especially moving.
Liz Rantz, MD

Marina’s is an incredible resource for health care practitioners and their patients across Montana. Her therapeutic yoga practice has bolstered the work of Montana’s naturopathic physicians to concentrate on optimal health through whole-patient wellness, prevention, addressing the underlying causes of illness, and provide individualized care.
Ingrid Lovitt
Executive Director, Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Marina is an exceptional yoga teacher and therapist; she is tuned into the
needs of each participant, helping students feel comfortable and safe in their bodies. She helps students increase their sense of competence and trust in their body through movement that maybe had seemed out of reach without her guidance. Her language and instruction are precise, limiting potential for injury due to misunderstanding. Her demeanor is thoughtful and engaging; additionally, she often uses humor in an appropriate way to keep the mood of the class light and fun, and at the same time allows participants to be thoughtful and contemplative about their own experiences.
Kristin Kopplin, PhD, Psychologist

Marina is a warm, approachable, and knowledgeable yoga therapist. I’ve
known Marina for many years as her student and colleague, and readily refer patients with chronic pain and anxiety disorders. She has a gentle, welcoming style that fits well for patients who might be reluctant to engage with unknown providers. She provides tailored services, which has been very helpful for people who are unable to engage in a traditional yoga class for physical and/or emotional reasons. Working with Marina, my patients have felt supported by a team approach and have established more effective home practices. Her one-on-one teaching with an overall emphasis on how to be present in one’s body provides an adjunctive richness that allows my work with patients to be more supported and effective.
Holly Schleicher, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Marina is an invaluable resource to our community. Her teaching experience and sensitivity to the needs of people with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and PTSD makes yoga safe and accessible. My clients have learned to integrate the tools that yoga provides with their office-based mental health treatment on ways which improve treatment outcomes and their overall well-being and health.
Annabelle Winne, LCSW

As a clinician, I know the value of yoga and yoga therapy to help patients with limited mobility. Marina brings all her skills to meet clients at their level. She gently brings them into a program that will begin to facilitate their healing process. As a client of Marina’s, I know first-hand that she can help people ease the discomfort in their bodies and move towards a healthier state.
Mindy Opper, Physician Assistant