In 2012 it became apparent that I needed to hang my shingle and open an office for my private practice. I had started to receive a steadier flow of yoga referrals from students, word of mouth among their friends and neighbors, and more and more from health providers.

With Montana Yoga Therapy, my intention is to bring the benefits of yoga to you in a meaningful way, empowering you to live with as much grace and vitality as you can for as long as you can. More about my background here.


Yoga therapy is the adaptation and application of yoga techniques and practices to optimize your health and well-being. You learn approaches and techniques to manage your condition(s), reduce symptoms, restore balance, improve attitude, and vitality. Appropriate and specific, to some subtle, adaptations and combinations of practices can help target desired results.

As one of the original mind body therapies, the whole person on all levels of being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual is at the center.

Yoga was traditionally learned one to one and integrated gradually into one's life to support your day. As we age, as we grow we change. Taught and practiced this way, a person was taught and encouraged in ways that both maintain or restore balance as needed. Balance of all things you.


We will meet at my office for your intake and start the conversation. Through dialogue, a review of your intake form, and an assessment we start to come together around your goals and interests and prioritize where you'd like to begin.

You may choose to sit in one of the chairs or towards the floor on a cushion as your priorities and history are reviewed. The assessment occurs throughout the session and as the approach to practice is introduced.

You'll go home with simple and effective practices to begin integrating. Scheduling a series of sessions is recommended to develop and refine a meaningful home program. Together we can schedule at a frequency that supports your process. Consider 2-3 within a couple of weeks of starting.

Clients may choose to schedule regularly as part of their personal wellness program. Weekly, monthly, quarterly - or as needed.